In the literal translation from Chinese ‘TUI’ means “to press” and ‘NA’- “to pull”.

During the session the healer affects the meridians (energy Qi channels) by pressing, gradually changing to the rubbing using the light or strong pressure on biologically active points. 

The technique includes manual acupressure massage, aimed to restore the free flow of the life energy, to stabilize the metabolism and normalize the Yin and Yang balance.

“TUINA” is a gentle way of influence that does not break the integrity of the body’s biofield. It helps to maintain the body in a harmonic state, even when medications are ineffective.

The meridians become free from congestions, blood and energy circulations are being stimulated, the strain is being reduced, the muscles become relaxed, the common tonus and immunity is being enhanced.


The main principles of TUINA massage:

  • The action flows from weak to strong pressure to understand the sensibility of the patient.
  • The action flows from the low speed to fast (the different rhythm of movements)
  • The action flows from outward influence to deep.


The Chinese TUINA massage focuses on different zones separately and covers the whole body: back, head and face, feet, breast and abdomen.


TUINA massage in action:

  • improves the circulation of blood and lymph
  • normalizes articular metabolism (in the joints)
  • deeply relaxes the muscles and tendons
  • Effective in various types of backache and joint pain
  • helps to excrete slags (waste products) from the body
  • decreases the strain in the internal organs
  • gently pulls up the spine
  • activates the biologically active points on the legs, on the arms and on the head

The positive effect of “TUINA”- after the procedure the patient is full of energy, but relaxed.

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