Screening for the diseases by the pulse is one of the ancient techniques the Eastern Medicine starts with. The benefits of accurate and timely pulse consultation simply can not be undervalued, as exactly this procedure can determine, even minor disruptions inside the human’s body systems and to prevents them saving the health. 

Chinese healers have been using the methodology of pulse consultation for thousands of years. Pulse consultation is a method of precise screening and analysis of the body state.

Pulse screening is a high accuracy method, based on listening to the pulse in the specific points of the body, connected with the organs. The healer, who consults by the pulse, defines the so-called ‘front doors’, and after that understands the common state of the internal organs of a person.

Eastern healers have been training the sensibility of their fingers for many years. Characteristics of the pulse must be listened and analyzed at each point. The experienced specialist defines even a tiny pulse deviation from the norm.

Traditionally the pulse is screened on the radial artery near the wrist joint, because twelve major meridians start and end at that spot. In this area, three points should be evaluated at once: the specialist puts index, middle and ring fingers on them. The healer can precisely determine where the so-called “harmful energy” is focused by the depth of the pulse and to find out exactly whether it is localized on the surface or has already managed to move inside the body.

The pulse is not only the heart rate, but also the most important indicator of all physiological processes’ quality in the body. The pulse provides information about the function of the internal organs, guides to determine the balance or imbalance of life energies.

Interesting that during the procedure, the healer examines also the eyes and the tongue of his patient that allows getting the complete picture about the overall condition of his body.

During the pulse screening the healer also defines, which diseases the person had had throughout the life, what is the malaise the patient is suffering now, and can predict his or her future state.

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