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The goal of the program is the complete elimination of the causes of female and male infertility, the onset of pregnancy.

The most effective and rapid results are achieved with simultaneous treatment of both partners.

Our experts of the highest level have helped many couples to successfully plan a pregnancy and become happy parents.

A comprehensive approach to solving infertility problems:

  • increases immunity, activating the vital forces of the body
  • eliminates inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system
  • normalizes the psychoemotional state

WOMEN are fully prepared for the onset of pregnancy:

  • the work of the ovaries improves for the production of higher-quality eggs capable of fertilization
  • hormonal function is regulated to get more follicles
  • improves blood circulation of the uterus, normalizing the thickness and quality of the endometrium

MEN have improved reproductive function:

  • sperm quality and sperm motility are improved
  • the production of sex hormones and their concentration in the blood are normalized
  • stagnation is eliminated and blood circulation in the pelvic organs is activated

The duration of the program is from 15 days

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