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In China the mineral magnetic lamp is considered to be magical, because of its incredible effectiveness.

The procedure allows to get over the problem of blood circulation (the “cold blood syndrome”). 

The action of the lamp is different from a simple infrared radiation, as it has the mineral plate in its structure that radiates ions of microelements when heated. This plate consists of mineral composition of thirty-three elements, created to stimulate the processes in the human body and the natural energy flow.

The vitamins and minerals in human’s body recover and regenerate themselves. In the case of tiredness or the weakening of the immune system, stress or strain, the body needs minerals, which are contained in a special mineral plate of the lamp.

Thermotherapy using the magnetic lamp relieves joint and muscle pain, damage and inflammation of the soft fibers, increases the blood circulation, in order to promote muscle relaxation and strengthen the immune system.

It is suitable for people with backaches, pain in muscles and joints, diseases of musculoskeletal system or chronic fatigue syndrome.

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