“Cup massage helps to restore the body’s balance of metabolism and energy metabolism in internal organs and systems (nervous, broncho-pulmonary, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal). The procedure is able to eliminate venostasis and vascular edema, to clear the lungs and bronchi; it improves breathing and initiates the discharge of phlegm. The procedures easily eliminate pain syndromes, have general rejuvenating effect, renew tissues and promote deep cleansing of the body from toxins and slags.“

In addition to the static cups over the body, there is also the sliding cup massage, when the healer moves the cup, activating non-functioning capillaries and stimulating functions of the lymph and blood vessels. Vital energy movement along the meridians is activated inside the body too.

The procedure improves muscular tissue nutrition and oxygen supply, it relieves spasms, normalizes hormonal regulation, cleanses the whole organism from toxins, improves blood supply to the brain, as well as successfully eliminates the consequences of stress. It helps effectively to cure neurosis, depression and insomnia. The skin becomes more resilient, the contractile function of muscles improves, increases the elasticity and tonus of ones.

During the process, the guest feels the deep relaxation and after the Cup massage there is a high energy uplift.


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