The feet are called "the second heart" in China.

There are more than 70 thousand biologically active points on them, connected with all human organs and systems.

Unique massage techniques help to start the processes of recovery, rejuvenation and revitalization of the body.

Tuina foot massage improves the flow of Qi (energy) and balances the mind and body.


  • immunity strengthening
  • Improve blood circulation and lymph flow
  • relieve swelling, feeling of heaviness in the legs
  • eliminate cramps, flat feet
  • get rid of headaches, pain in the spine and shoulders
  • digestive normalization
  • strengthening of the genitourinary system
  • normalization of the hormonal background

Prevention of varicose knots.

Helps relieve stress, emotional agitation, fatigue, calm the nervous system.

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