This procedure combines massage and the local thermal effect.

The rubbing of different body parts (back, abdomen, etc.) with aroma oils is made first, then the body is covered with a special herbal towel, then several more wet towels are placed on top.

After that, towels are poured with the herbal alcohol tincture and burned (the heating time is determined individually based on patient’s feelings.

It’s recommended to burn the fiber up to 3 times. 

The rise of temperature on the treatment’s area leads to the high temperature under the skin.

As a result, the deeper layers of muscles are heated, capillaries widen, local blood and lymph circulations enhance.

Fire massage removes muscle spasms and pain syndromes, helps to get over the CNS hyper activation, swelling, hematomas, tiredness and depression.

After the fire massage, the secretion of sweat glands increases that helps to excrete slags, toxins and activates metabolic processes inside the body.

Chinese healers also pay attention to the fact, that Fire is able to purify the human aura, recharging it with the positive energy.

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