Cup massage helps to restore the body’s balance of metabolism and energy metabolism in internal organs and systems (nervous, broncho-pulmonary, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal).

The procedure is able to eliminate venostasis and vascular edema, to clear the lungs and bronchi; it improves breathing and initiates the discharge of phlegm.

The procedures easily eliminate pain syndromes, have general rejuvenating effect, renew tissues and promote deep cleansing of the body from toxins and slags. 

Because of the moxas heating exposure to a certain point, the symptoms of pain decrease, the body’s resistance to stress increases, the tiredness reduces and work capacity improves, metabolic processes normalize, bacteria, viruses removed from the body, and the immune system improves.

Thermotherapy with Artemisia cigars is recommended in order to regenerate the respiratory and digestive systems, pelvic organs and organs of the blood circulation.

The procedure has the relaxing and calming effect, helps to fight the insomnia.Wormwood has a quality of disinfection and is also used to prevent diseases.
Instead of wormwood cigars, charcoal or other herbs(poplar leaves, edelweiss, juniper)cigars are often used too.
The Thermotherapy may be prescribed as a separate procedure, as well as in combination with Acupressure.

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