Distance Contract No. 1/2021


1. According to these provisions, Zaptieka SIA sells the goods posted in the online shop www.zaptieka.com. According to Section 10 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia, in this case, when the buyer places an order, a Distance contract is concluded between the buyer and the seller.


2. Ownership of the goods passes to the buyer from the day of payment and receipt of the full purchase price of the goods.


3. Zaptieka SIA, unified registration No. LV40203331703, legal address: Citadeles street 2, Riga, Latvia, LV-1010, contact telephone: +371 28 444 656, hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”, provides content available on the website www.zaptieka.com and provides services in accordance with these Provisions.


4. By placing an order in the online shop and accepting these Provisions, the Buyer certifies that he/she is a capable person and confirms the truthfulness of the data specified by him/her, necessary for the performance of the Contract. If the buyer is a legal entity, an authorized representative acts on its behalf. The buyer certifies that he/she will use the online shop in accordance with the regulatory enactments and the general principles of good faith. In case of any violation of these Provisions or regulatory enactments, Zaptieka SIA has the right to immediately withdraw from the distance contract concluded with the buyer and/or prohibit the buyer from using the website of the online shop.


5. If the Buyer orders and purchases goods in the online shop, it is assumed that the Buyer has familiarized himself/herself with the general provisions as well as the provisions of the Distance contract and without objection accepts them, and undertakes to comply with them. The purchase agreement is considered completed from the time when the customer has made full payment and the goods have arrived at the disposal of the buyer.


6. The Buyer orders, buys and pays, and the Seller delivers and sells health and beauty products, hereinafter referred to as the Goods, in accordance with the provisions of this contract, hereinafter referred to as the Contract.


7. The Buyer orders the Goods by filling in the appropriate order form on the Seller’s website www.zaptieka.com. When placing an order, the Buyer undertakes to provide accurate information, i.e. name, surname, delivery address and his/her contact information and click on the “Order” field. The Buyer undertakes to inform the Seller of any changes no later than 24 hours after receiving the order confirmation by writing an e-mail to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Buyer is responsible for the correct presentation of the data, otherwise the delivery of the Goods is not guaranteed. The order of the Goods is accepted as an offer of the Buyer to the Seller to conclude this Distance contract on the delivery of the ordered Goods and the Buyer’s consent to purchase the ordered Goods at the specified price. Personal data related to the delivery of goods are not transferred to third parties, except for VAS Latvijas pasts and PostService SIA, hereinafter referred to as the courier, to ensure the delivery of the order.


8. The Buyer can place orders 24 hours a day, but the Seller fulfils orders: on working days from 09.00 to 20.00, Saturday, Sunday – the goods are not prepared. The Seller sends the Buyer a confirmation of order acceptance by e-mail. If the Buyer does not receive a confirmation e-mail, the order will not be accepted. The goods are prepared from the time the money is credited to the Seller’s account.


9. The average delivery time is 2 (two) to 6 (six) working days, but the Seller reserves the right to deliver the Goods within 30 (thirty) calendar days, since delivery times may vary depending on the special conditions of the Seller and availability of the Goods in the warehouse.


10. You can place orders in the online shop www.zaptieka.com. Add the selected goods to your shopping cart. When the shopping cart is completed, place the order.


10.1. Then information about the selected goods and price will appear without delivery fee. You will have to fill in an order form, having accurately specified the data in all the required fields. When ordering the goods and choosing a delivery method, please indicate accurately the delivery method and address, as well as the telephone number.


10.2. Payment for the purchase is made in one of the following ways:

    • by debit or credit card – MasterCard, Visa, American Express online
    • via the PayPal payment system.

10.3. When connecting to an electronic bank or to an electronic payment system, the data of the buyers of the online shop are entered on the bank’s website, therefore the shop does not have access to these data.


10.4. By clicking the “Confirm order” button, the Buyer agrees to purchase the selected goods and undertakes to pay the specified price and delivery fee for it.


10.5. When placing an order, the Buyer must accurately indicate the full name of the goods, as well as all personal data, delivery data and contact information necessary for the execution of the Contract. Zaptieka SIA may unilaterally refuse to process the order or terminate the Contract if the Buyer has provided incomplete or incorrect information about the selected goods or about the Buyer’s data required to conclude the Contract. Orders made by telephone or e-mail can be paid by bank transfer using an online invoice that is sent to the e-mail address specified by the buyer. The order is fulfilled after payment of the invoice and receipt of money to the account of the company.


11. The Buyer has the right to refuse the Goods within 14 calendar days from the time of receipt of the Goods by sending a letter of withdrawal to the Seller. The Buyer can receive the form of the letter of withdrawal at the place of purchase of the Goods – in the online shop, in the section “Warranty and withdrawal”, or the Seller will send it to the Buyer by e-mail upon request. The Buyer is obliged to return the goods to the Seller within 7 days after sending the letter of withdrawal. All costs associated with returning the goods to the Seller are borne by the Buyer.


12. The buyer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal, if:


12.1. The returned Goods cannot be used (taking into account the characteristics of the Goods). If the condition of the returned Goods has deteriorated and this has happened due to improper storage, the Buyer has no right to exercise the right to return the goods.


12.2. The Buyer is obliged to keep and not damage the original packaging of the Goods.


12.3. Paragraph 6 of Section 12 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia states that “the consumer is responsible for the quality and safety of the goods during the period of exercising the right of withdrawal”.


12.4. The Seller reserves the right to refuse the Buyer the right to return the goods or refuse compensation in the event of damage to the goods as a result of careless handling of the goods during use or failure to follow instructions, if the original packaging is lost or the packaging is significantly damaged.


12.5. If the Buyer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal, he/she must contact the Seller by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Buyer receives a Form of withdrawal from the Seller, which is filled in and sent to the Seller to the above e-mail address.


12.6. The Buyer is obliged to keep both courier documents upon receipt of the Goods and postal/courier documents when returning the Goods to the Seller.


12.7. For more information on the Distance contract and the right of withdrawal, the Buyer can visit the following website: http://www.ptac.gov.lv.


13. The Seller transfers money for the returned Goods to the bank account specified by the Buyer within 14 (fourteen) calendar days after termination of the Contract and receipt of the Goods specified in the Form of withdrawal to the address of the Seller’s shop (Citadeles iela 2, Riga, Latvia, LV-10101) based on the Buyer’s withdrawal.


14. By entering the necessary information when placing an order, the Buyer confirms that he/she has read and agrees that the data provided by him/her are used to enable the Seller to accept the Buyer’s order and deliver the goods in accordance with the requirements of Latvian law. By entering the information, the Buyer agrees that notifications related to the processing of the Buyer’s order will be sent to the specified e-mail address.


15. This Contract complies with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. The Buyer confirms that he/she has familiarized himself/herself with the provisions of this Contract and undertakes to comply with and fulfil them.


16. The Buyer is notified that the Seller has the right to unilaterally change the provisions of this Contract at any time.


17. The Seller is not responsible for delay in the fulfilment of obligations or for non-fulfilment of obligations or any other kind of failure arising from such circumstances and obstacles which are beyond the control of the Seller and which could not be foreseen, including, but not limited to, strikes, government orders, military action or a national emergency, natural or climatic anomalies, interruptions in the Internet connection, as well as failure of communication and computer equipment and software.


18. The Seller does not assume any risks and responsibility, if the Buyer has not familiarized himself/herself or is not fully familiar with these Provisions and the Privacy policy.