Gua Sha refers to Ancient Eastern massage techniques.

The name is a combination of two Chinese hieroglyphs: ‘Gua’ that can be translated as “one-way scraping movements” and ‘Sha’ that means all bad, wrong.

During the procedure, this “Sha” excretes from the body through the skin. 

The massage is performed using special scrapers or plates. It influences specific reflexogenic zones located on the face and on the body.

That is an effective way to eliminate pockets of stagnation in the fibers, which have appeared in the body because of certain disruptions.

According to Chinese teachings, many diseases develop under the influence of external factors: heat and cold, wind and humidity. They penetrate the body through the skin. It is logical that the most effective way to excrete them must be through the skin. This is the main task the scraping massage solves. The techniques of Gua Sha massage are directed to increase the production of antioxidants, activation of the protective systems, removal of slags, that releases the natural energy flow, and the body can cope with diseases itself. Because of the directional scraping treatment, some marks can be left on the skin: red spots, dots. Considering the areas of their localization, it is possible to define, where exactly the distortion happened, because the specific areas are connected by reflex with the certain internal organs. This allows focusing on the corrections of the impaired functions. The massage eliminates congestion and leads to the proper work of internal organs.

During the massage, the patient feels tingling, slight burning, swelling. Feeling discomfort may appear on the problem areas. Strange creaking, resembling frictions of sand grains against each other is also possible. It is considered that such sound precedes the excretion of toxic substances through the skin. This feeling stops after some procedures.

Gua Sha is one of the most effective ways of the body detox. During the procedure, the self-healing mechanism starts to work and continues to work independently after and further on. To enhance the efficiency, Gua Sha treatments can be completed with the Cup massage or the Thermotherapy with Artemisia cigars.

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