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Catgut sutures – magical sutures that allow you to become slim and improve your physical health

The Chinese started to use a method that balances ancient traditions of acupuncture and newest technology, and is a safe and efficient way of fighting obesity.

Just like any disease in the East, obesity is considered to be a loss of balance and harmony between yin and yang that implies the loss of energy.

It is known that during weight loss people experience stress that is comparable to cold-related diseases, the body is adjusting and takes up too much energy and attention from the brain to do so. Due to this people feel tired, weak, irritated and even depressed. We can get rid of these side effects by stimulating the acupuncture points, and the person will become slimmer retaining his or her well-being.

Thanks to this procedure you will renew you vigour for an active lifestyle and it will reduce the constant feeling of hunger. It’s no coincidence that they say that energy is movement, and movement is life. If you have suffered from hypodynamia and a frequent wish to eat before, then after this procedure you will easily get rid of these problems.

Timewise this procedure only takes approximately 60 minutes. Usually people loose from three to six kilograms in a month. After the completion of procedure course you will be given further recommendations about healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from obesity this method can be used for treating musculoskeletal diseases, paralysis, gastrointestinal diseases, gynaecological disorders and many other diseases.

There may be contra-indications for people with weak immune system and contagious skin diseases.

Trust the Eastern wisdom and say goodbye to the unwanted kilograms!

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