There are multiple points, responsible for longevity, work of gastrointestinal tract, immunity and reproductive system inside the abdomen.

The particular Chinese Abdomen Massage, influencing all possible bioactive points can significantly increase the health level of a human and normalize the QI balance. 

Therefore, careful healer’s work upon this area is able to solve many problems: abdomen bloating, indigestion, unclear etiology pain, constipation and obesity.

The TUI-NA massage reflexively increases peristalsis of the smooth muscle fibers, thereby improving the functions of the abdomen and intestine, increases the secretion of bile, regulates activity of endocrine glands.

QiGong techniques are used in the abdomen massage, which allow achieving good results in the weight loss. The massage lifts the skin of the abdomen, helps to get rid of fat deposits in the abdominal area and stimulates the body’s energy level.

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