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It is a method for acting on the reflex points on the ear by needles.

The auricle has a number of biologically active points what gives an opportunity for the therapy to influence practically the entire body.

Auriculotherapy is counted as a form of micro puncture. As the dimensions of active micro parts of the ear are less than 2 mm, therefore in the healing process microneedles are used.

The problems to be solved with the help of Auriculotherapy:

  • different pain syndromes
  • alcoholic and nicotine addictions
  • obesity
  • joint and musculoskeletal system’s diseases
  • vascular pain
  • Colitis
  • IBS
  • neurodermitis

The Auriculotherapy helps to get over the obesity problem. Many patients, suffering from obesity, experienced the positive effect of acupuncture on the weight loss. Auriculotherapy activates the improvement of metabolism, allowing the fats to be burned much faster. There are also facts that confirm the Auriculotherapy to lower the appetite.

The other problem of a modern man – constant stresses. Auriculotherapy influences the active points in the ear, which, connected with the nerves straightly, are responsible for the brain function. Under the relaxing effect of it – the stress retreats. Coupled with the calming herbal phytotherapy, the problem of stress can be solved at all.

Together with the Auriculotherapy we recommend to use the massage, the phytotherapy, the electrical and thermal impact on biologically active points in auricles. Auriculotherapy sessions may be used for both recovery and preventive purposes. Each session improves physical and psychological state of the body.

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