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The Chinese head massage TUI-NA restores the blood circulation in the scalp, removes headaches, dizziness and eye strain.

It helps to make hair looking healthy and shiny, improves memory and raises working capacity. 

The manual acupressure massage techniques are used in this head massage as well, aimed to restore the free flow of the life energy, to stabilize the metabolism and normalize the Yin and Yang balance.

During the massage, there happens the activation of the blood circulation inside the head and the metabolic processes inside the cerebral cortex. That helps to reduce different kinds of pain, spasms and strain. The acupressure of energy points in the area of eyes, nose, mouth, forehead, neck and temples stabilize the balance of QI.

Depending on the techniques and prescriptions the massage may provide or stimulation or relaxation processes.

The massage helps patients, suffering from dizziness and migraine, enhances the focus, contributes to memory improvement. It also provides the cosmetic effect – the elasticity of the skin increases, the complexion and the common emotional state become better.

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