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Acupuncture facelift, also called Reflexotherapeutic facelift, is a set of procedures for facial rejuvenation without surgery and botox, that includes massage along the skin meridians and placing needles in the biologically active points of the face

Stimulation of special acupuncture points of the face significantly accelerates production of the substances, which enhance elasticity of the skin and improve lymphatic drainage, at that all cells are actively saturated with oxygen, metabolism processes in the tissues are accelerated and blood circulation improves significantly.

Facial acupuncture stimulates skin cells to produce collagen, that fills in the wrinkles and smoothes the surface. This procedure makes the facial muscles relaxed, and the muscle tension is the reason of major difficulties in skincare. As a result, elasticity of the skin is imroved, acne is cured.

After the acupuncture facelift, fine wrinkles, “double” chin, dark circles under the eyes are noticeably reduced or disappear altogether, the complexion improves greatly. Thanks to the fact that the facelift and the skin rejuvenation is made without injecting chemically made medicines, this method has no side effects.

Is prescribed in combination with face massage, Gua Sha massage and electrotherapy.

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